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Apr 18

Although the numerous health benefits that outweigh the risks, it can't hurt to know what to watch out for read more

Mar 23

If your pet is showing any signs of pain, the damage and changes in underlying bone have already begun. Here are a few tips to identify and slow the process. read more

Jan 22

Learn about how you can prevent your dog from acquiring this new his fast spreading virus. read more

Dec 19

Changes in your dog's appearance or behavior can be a sign that something is medically wrong, so don't assume your pet is just suffering from "old age" and can't be helped. Keep a close eye on your senior dog, and talk with us about any type of change, whether it occurs suddenly or gradually. read more

Oct 13

Some pets just love to come see us. Some sheepishly come to see us looking worried and anxious. Without the ability to explain what we need are doing or what we need to do, how can we create a "safe" feeling for your pets? Can we focus more effort on their emotional well-being as much as their physical well-being? Is there a better way? Quite simply, we think there is. read more