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Aug 13

Sometimes time flies by and you can't believe a year has already passed. But it is important to remember that the average estimate of cat/dog years to human years is about 5:1. That means that if you skip just one annual exam for your pet, it is equivalent to not going to your own doctor for 10 years! read more

Jun 28

Itchy skin is the second most common reason pets see veterinarians read more

Jun 28

The choices you make every day at home for your pet are part of preventative care, as well as the choices you make at their vet visits. read more

Jun 07

We are now offering new advanced treatments in regenerative therapy. read more

May 23

The State of Washington DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH has asked us to notify all of our clients of the recent changes to the state Rabies rule, following notification of a bat with Rabies. This rule requires that all dogs and cats get vaccinated against Rabies. read more