Facts you need to know about canine influenza

Jan 22

Heike Mayes

Facts you need to know about canine influenza

by Heike Mayes

1. How does H3N2 or Canine Influenza differ from CIRD (kennel cough)?
CIV is one of the pathogens that causes Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD). It
is not possible to diagnose CIV from other pathogens that cause CIRD based on
symptoms alone. The main distinction of CIV from other pathogens that cause CIRD is
that dogs will typically begin shedding virus before they display any symptoms of
disease. Thus, a dog that appears perfectly healthy can be shedding virus and is
therefore capable of infecting other dogs.

2. What are the treatments for Canine Influenza?
The only treatment for a dog that is infected with CIV is to provide supportive care.
This includes consideration of the potential for co-infection with other pathogens,
especially those that are caused by bacteria and might require an antibiotic
for treatment.

3. How is it spread?
CIV is spread through direct contact with other dogs, infectious respiratory secretions (such as aerosolized droplets from sneezing) and through contact with contaminated objects such as toys,
bedding, human clothing and communal water bowls.

4. What should I watch for?
Dogs can be effected as early as 2 days after contact with an infected animal. The clinical signs of CIV are indistinguishable from those of other CIRD pathogens and
may commonly include: coughing, sneezing, nasal and ocular discharge and fever.

5. Can the virus be tested for?
Yes. If your dog is coughing, call us immediately. We can do a test to determine if your dog has this deadly virus.

Call us with any questions about this new virus.

Both Northgate Vterinary Clinic, Seattle and Broadway Animal Hospital, Everett  are ready to answer any concerns you may have to keep your pet safe!


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