Rehabilitation Success with water therapy and balance work

Apr 26

Guest Blogger

Rehabilitation Success with water therapy and balance work

by Guest Blogger


canine-water-rehabilitation.jpegOur local water therapy and rehabilitation center guest blogger tells a story of a little dog who defeated the odds....

We received a call asking if we could see a miniature Dachshund for physical conditioning and water therapy for a recurring neck issue.  She was referred by her Veterinarian that had been doing bi-monthly chiropractic adjustments on her and is familiar with our work. She felt that Frieda could benefit from strengthening and increasing her range of motion.

We booked an initial evaluation and immediately noticed how she carried herself most of the time, looking straight up in the air to see her Guardian, Denise's face.  Frieda also had bilateral patella luxation that we realized she could use some help with.

At SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center we have a warm water therapy pool and licensed SAMP's that have been trained to do water work.  We also have a gym space with exercise equipment and a SAMP that is a FitPAWS® Master Trainer to help physically condition dogs. 

Frieda's spirit is bold and brave.  She took to her new challenges with gusto.  Although she is not a fan of being in the water at all, she is a champion swimmer and didn't even need a life vest.  We began with weekly one half hour sessions in our warm water, indoor pool combining swimming laps with massage and range of motion. 

Swimming is a wonderful full body work-out but to focus on significantly strengthening her neck we began including physical conditioning.  Our conditioning work ranges from cavaletti exercises, balance work on inflated equipment, ramp exercises and numerous isolated stretch and core strength exercises.  Frieda has become a gym lover!  She can hardly wait to get in the door and start her gym work.

Within a couple of months of starting her work-out regime her Vet was happy to report she did not need neck adjustments.  She also marveled at how strong Frieda had become.  Frieda and Denise love the work and what it does so much that they have continued to come for weekly sessions for 3 years!  To this day her Vet is amazed that Frieda has not had any problems with her neck or knees.  Denise tells all of her Dachshund group friends how much Frieda has benefitted.  SplashDog is happy to be part of team Frieda!

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