Veterinary Technician Appreciation

Sep 01

NW Vet Staff

Veterinary Technician Appreciation

by NW Vet Staff

Vet Technicians are an essential part of your pet’s health and happiness. You see their smiling faces when they come out to greet you and your pet. They get your pet all checked in and ready for the Veterinarian. The basics of their job is to care for the animals, do the initial evaluations, clean and wrap wounds, take vital signs and administer medication when needed. But they do so much more.

Behind the Scenes with a Veterinary Technician

The parts of the job that we don’t see are often the most important and most difficult. Some of the other things that Vet Techs do are; assist or perform dental cleanings, prepare pets for surgery and monitor their vital signs constantly during the procedure, collecting blood and urine samples, and maintaining care and comfort for hospitalized pets.

They are there at each step of a pets life, from basic puppy training to comforting owners when they have lost a pet. Technicians also have to be well versed in animal behavior in order to keep the pets and themselves safe when dealing with an animal that is scared or in pain. A good Technician must be able to anticipate the doctor’s needs and supervise all Assistants and Animal Care Staff. They also keep clinic tasks organized to ensure everything is running smoothly and in a timely manner.

Becoming a Licensed Vet Tech

            Some Vet Tech’s get their start in paid internships as veterinary assistants, they get on the job training and can use their experience to supplement their education. The initial education requirement is an associate’s degree in Veterinary technology and in order to become a Licensed Vet Tech (LVT), they must pass the National Veterinary Technician Exam. After that, in order to maintain their license, they must complete the required continuing education each year. For Washington State, the requirement is 30 hours every 3 years. They can do this online or by attending classes or seminars. This continuing education ensures that they stay current on all new medications and procedures. Many LVTs are specialized in a certain field such as Dental, Cardiology or Anesthesiology.

Why Vet Techs Make Life Grand

            When you drop off your pet with one of our Vet Techs, you can feel comfortable and know that they care about you and your pet. During your visit, Technicians are the ones visiting with, caring for, and loving your pet. They love to give treats to healthy pets and extra love to those who are not feeling well and need some encouragement. They must be very detail oriented in order to keep accurate notes for the pet’s medical record. They are also the ones who calls to keep you informed on how your pet is doing and answer any questions that you may have regarding your pet’s progress.

            Veterinary Technicians are a key component in how an animal clinic runs successfully. They work hard every day, doing what they love and making sure pets are happy and healthy. So take the time to thank your Vet Tech for what you know they are doing to make the world a better place, one happy pet at a time.

In light of National Veterinary Technician month, we thank the hard working and dedicated technicians that are a part of making Northwest Veterinary Associates great.

Do you know a great Technician who wants to join our team?

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