How to have a fun and safe Halloween with your pet

Oct 05

NW Vet Staff

How to have a fun and safe Halloween with your pet

by NW Vet Staff

Treats are Tricky

  • Keep the candy bowl put away so pets can’t get into it by accident.
  • Remember that some candy is toxic to dogs such as chocolate and artificial sweeteners like xylitol (found commonly in sugar free candy). If your pet ingests these or any other treats that they get ahold of, they could become seriously ill.
  • Be sure to check your yard for stray candies or wrappers before letting your pets outside unsupervised.

A Haunting House

  • Pets can become very nervous by the constant knocking and strangers yelling outside the door. It can be hard to recognize people when they are in costume and if there are many people in the house, it can be very stressful to pets. It is best to confine them in a kennel, with a baby gate or in a quiet room with music playing to keep them comfortable and safe.
  • It is a good idea to keep all pets (especially black cats) inside on Halloween as pranksters have been known to set pets loose or even injure them after it gets dark.
  • With the door opening repeatedly, it is easy for a nervous pet to escape into the night. Make sure that your pets ID tags and Microchips are current so that if they run and someone finds them, they can easily be returned to you.

The Dangers of Decorations

  • Freshly carved pumpkins can be a tempting chew toy for some pets, and if ingested in large quantities can cause stomach upset or intestinal blockages. Also, if the candle inside is knocked over, it can burn your pet or even start a fire.
  • Decorations that move or speak, especially with a motion sensor are common and can be very frightening to cats and dogs.
  • If decorations are left down low, pets can become tangled or get shocked by electrical décor such as strings of lights.
  • Be sure that any small pieces or chewable decorations are put out of reach to avoid choking hazards and foreign object ingestion.

Dressing up getting Fido down?

  • If you have a costume picked out for your pet, make sure that it fits correctly and that there are no small parts they could chew off.
  • If your pet is unhappy or scared when wearing a costume, it may be a better idea to stick with a bandana or let them be themselves for Halloween.

Keep our number handy in case of an emergency, or if you have any questions or concerns.

We hope your holiday is spooky and that your pets are safe and happy during the festivities.

Broadway Animal Hospital 425 252-8266

Northgate Veterinary Clinic 206 363-8421

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