Ann Caiola

Ann Caiola

Administrative Manager
Northgate Veterinary Clinic (206)363-8421


Ann brings 20+ years of corporate business management and personal life experiences to the team.  She lives in Lynnwood with her husband and 2 daughters.  She is passionate about inspiring others to find joy in every day, be the best version of themselves and be kind and gracious with others.

Fun Facts

Favorite word:  Excellent, Fantastic, and Spectacular

Hobbies:  Gardening tending to their Koi pond and regular trips to the beach to collect agates and other treasures

What makes you laugh?  silly humor, funny people, making other people laugh, other people laughing and her husband’s laugh (he has a great laugh!)

Pets:  Buster the mix breed retired police dog, “Biggie” 9yr old Koi, 2 younger Koi’s and several goldfish

Favorite Holiday:  All of them

What profession would you like to try for one day?   5 star all-inclusive Day Spa owner in Greece or anywhere in the Mediterranean or a professional rock/gem miner.

Northgate Veterinary Clinic (206)363-8421