Heike Mayes

Heike Mayes

Administrative Manager
Northgate Veterinary Clinic (206)363-8421


Heike has been a part of the Northwest Veterinary Associates family since 2001.  She has had the opportunity to work in every part of the hospital.  This has allowed for great insight into the functionality of all operations.  She believes in creating an environment that caters to each client and pet’s needs.  She strives to make each visit an exceptional experience.

Fun Facts

Hobbies:  Cooking, gardening, vintage Volkswagens, winemaking, beekeeping, travel

Pets: Nile (American Bully), Glory (American Bully). Musket and Joan Jett (Cats)

Favorite word: Virtue

What makes you laugh? The cute things that the team comes up with like bow Tuesdays for pets

What profession would you like to do for a day?  Horse racing jockey or treehouse builder

Favorite Holiday: Christmas


“Fostering a team culture that empowers each individual to succeed at their highest personal level”

Northgate Veterinary Clinic (206)363-8421