Did you know we offer Stem Cell Therapy?

Mar 01

NW Vet Staff

Did you know we offer Stem Cell Therapy?

by NW Vet Staff

We are very proud to announce we now offer stem cell therapy! Stem cells are an exciting new tool available for the treatment of arthritis, fractures, and other soft tissue and orthopedic injuries. Stem cells are “primitive” cells that can mature into many other types of cells throughout the body. The stem cells we use in veterinary medicine are obtained from fat samples. We collect them from the pet they are going to be used in so there is no risk of tissue rejection, as is the case with embryonic stem cells or organ transplants. Once we implant the stem cells, they find and replace injurstem-cell-forpets.pnged cells, reduce inflammation, and decrease scaring. Extra stem cells can be stored if the pet needs them again in the future.

Dr Ryan Black located in our Everett office can answer any questions you may have about this procedure.

Call Broadway Animal Hospital to learn more (425)252-8266.

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