Cannabidoil (CBD) Oil: Can I use this for Fluffy?

Dec 19

Travis Phillips

Cannabidoil (CBD) Oil: Can I use this for Fluffy?

by Travis Phillips

Dr. Phillips shares his thoughts on CBD Oil:

Over the last few months I have been asked numerous times about the use of cannabidoil (CBD) oil in our pets. With the passage of the Washington state recreation marijuana law and the availability of hemp derived product becoming more and more abundant, it is inevitable that we look to see if our pets can derive some benefit from this emerging line of products.

There are numerous products already out on the market that are easily obtained by the average consumer. This brings in multiple questions we should be asking before jumping into the use of these products. First is the quality of the product being purchased. Many of the products out there obtain there hemp from Chinese sources. This brings up the concern for pesticides and heavy metal contamination. The effects of these contaminants may be more detrimental to our pets than the benefits we are seeking. Additionally, the products are not regulated very strictly. The quantity of CBD oil can vary widely from product to product. The FDA recently ran a study and found large differences in quantities of CBD oil and even found some that contained none at all!

The study can be found here: healthfocus/ucm435591.htm.pets-and-cannabis.jpg

Next we come to research and evidence. I am excited by the stories I am hearing from those of you about the positive effects of these product. They have been touted the help in pain, anorexia, vomiting, anxiety, compulsive disorder, and cancer among a growing list of possibilities! Unfortunately, we have no research on the benefits. Appropriate dosing is another question. Most products we prescribe or recommend have an effective dosage range. Toxicity or negative effects may be apparent outside of this range. At this point those ranges haven’t been established with CBD oil.

Now, as a veterinarian and your resource in finding the best way to help your little furry friend live as comfortable and happy as possible, I want to have as many options available to help in that goal. At this time however, I can’t recommend this product mostly from a legal standpoint. At this time these products are considered schedule 1 controlled substances by the DEA. This means on a federal level it is illegal for me or any veterinarian to recommend or prescribe these products.

Myself and the rest of the Northwest Veterinary Associate team are excited for the research that is being done at this time. Many new laws are in the works as well, which we hope will open the door for us to be able to recommend these products in the near future. We are always striving to be on the forefront of techniques and products that will help all of our pets live happier healthier lives.

If you have additional questions call me at our Seattle location, Northgate Veterinary Clinic. (206)363-8421

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