Specialist Referrals

Specialist Referral

We offer referrals and access to veterinarians who are specialized in multiple different fields. This access may be in the form of a physical referral, a telephone consult with one of our doctors, and is also available online. If and when it is necessary, our veterinarians will be able to help guide you to the right people to help you with your pet.

This list of specialists include

  • Veterinary specialists in radiology, cardiology and surgery are available on-site when needed.
    • Here at Northwest Veterinary Associates, we have the ability to bring in specially trained and boarded veterinarians in specific fields into the practice for more specialized care.
    • Radiology:  A Boarded specialist in radiology reviews every x-ray that is taken.  This assures that each x-ray gets the most thorough evaluation to have the greatest certainty for diagnosis.  The radiologist is also available for ultrasounds here at each facility.
    • Cardiology:  A Boarded specialist in cardiology is available to perform echocardiograms (heart ultrasound) and consultations on heart conditions.  This is scheduled here at one of our facilities
    • Surgery:  A Boarded specialist in surgery is available to perform more complex surgical procedures such as TPLO, thoracic surgeries, as well as many others. Our veterinarians will be able to help guide you in knowing when this is necessary.
  • Other specialists
    • Internal Medicine
      • Endoscopy
      • Rhinoscopy
    • Oncology
      • Chemotherapy
      • Radiation therapy
    • Radiology
      • CT San
      • Ultrasound
      • MRI
    • Neurology
      • Neurological surgery
      • MRI
    • Dentistry
      • Endodontics
    • Surgery
      • Thoracic surgery, etc
    • Ophthalmology
      • Cataract Surgery, lens replacement
      • Globe implants
      • EEG
    • Dermatology
    • Critical Care Specialist
    • Behavior Medicine
    • Alternative therapies
      • Acupuncture
      • Chinese medicine
      • Holistic Therapies

You and your pets are in excellent hands! We have many avenues that are available to assure the best care. Hopefully, it will never be necessary but, a little peace of mind in knowing that it’s available can go a long way.

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