Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser is a therapeutic modality available to treat a variety of conditions.  It uses light or photon energy to penetrate below the surface of the skin.  Since 1967, there have been over 2500 clinical studies that have been published worldwide. 

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions that are acute or chronic.  This light is able to penetrate up to 3 inches below the skin surface.  This rehabilitation process heals injured or damaged tissue, decreased inflammation/swelling and pain.  It can accelerate healing quite dramatically.

How does it work?

Light energy enters the damaged cells and stimulates cellular activity.  This activity has the benefit of reducing pain in the area and speeds recovery of the damaged cells. 

How do we know this even work?

In the world of veterinary medicine, we do not experience the placebo effect.  Things work or they do not. We have had the pleasure of seeing many dogs and cats benefit incredibly well from this procedure.

Is this safe?

Cold laser therapy has been in use for over 30 years.  It is non-invasive, painless and powerfully effective.  It is used widely in human medicine-especially in physical therapy, by professional sports teams, and podiatry.

What can my pet expect during a treatment?

MLS Laser Therapy is a painless treatment that lasts an average of 5-20 minutes.  Your pet may experience a comfortable sensation at the point of application.

What can be expected after the treatment?

Most patients see positive results in one to three treatments.  Acute conditions can subside with as few as one set of treatments.  Chronic conditions can be managed with regular monthly treatments.  And there are no known negative side effects.  Often, pain medications can be reduced or eliminated after MLS Laser Therapy treatment.

What are the benefits of MLS Laser Therapy?

  • Relief of chronic pain, such as arthritis
  • Relief of acute pain, such as trauma or injury
  • Strong Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Stimulates healing of damaged tissue
  • Speeds recovery of the structural integrity of injured region
  • Improvement of local blood circulation
  • Postoperative pain relief and faster wound healing

Here are the most common uses of the cold laser:

  • Post-surgery to reduce swelling, pain and accelerate healing
  • Post Dental extractions
  • Gum healing benefits
  • Torn cruciate ligament rehabilition 
  • Arthritis
  • Disc Disease
  • Ear Infections
  • Skin Infections
  • Trauma
  • Sprain/Strains
  • Abscess
  • Urinary Disease-bladder infections, cystitis, feline urologic syndrome
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